Reflex arc as somatic and buy nolvadex cheap online uk autonomic reflex consists of three units: the afferent (sensory-sensitive), gusset (associative) and effector (executive). Afferent link can be shared by somatic and autonomic reflex arcs. However, in the autonomic nervous system neuron effector located outside the spinal cord or brain, and is ganglia (Figure 10). Ganglia may be located near the spine (paravertebral) in the nerve plexus near the internal organs (prevertebral) or in the walls of the internal organs (intramural). In the somatic nervous system effector neurons are located in the central nervous system (the gray matter of the spinal cord). Transection anterior spinal cord leads to a complete regeneration of somatic efferent fibers, and has no effect on vegetative because their effector neuron located in peripheral ganglia. This is the autonomy of the department of the central nervous system.     The fibers of the autonomic nervous system out of Synthroid mg the central nervous system only in certain areas of the brain, the thoracolumbar and sacral spinal cord. In intraorgan department reflex arcs are entirely in the body and have no way out of the CNS. The fibers of the somatic nervous system emerge from the spinal cord segmental all over and overlapping innervation of at least 3 contiguous segments.    
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